Friday, August 7, 2015

White Button Up Series | Episode 2: Rich Bitch

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Outfit Breakdown:

White Button Up: Target ($10 sale)
Overalls: Forever 21 ($20)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($8)
Shoes: TopShop ($95)

Here's my recent TopShop Kingdom red lace up flats in action! I'm so excited! I went around running errands after doing this photoshoot with my tripod and it was very comfortable! Now I don't know how it'll be if I wear this for extended periods like long walking in NYC or something, but going around so far in the grocery store and what not has been great. 

I've gotten a number of compliments and looks and I just wore it out yesterday and today! These flats are truly a show-stopper. So glad I got it! They're still in stock too, so be sure to snag them before they run out again!

As for the outfit, you just can't go wrong with black and white. You just can't. So I styled the White Button Up with a chic black overall I purchased a year or two ago from Forever 21. With these overalls you really can wear a crop top under or just about anything since it's black and looks cute. Even a simple white t-shirt would work well. As for today, I used my White Button Up to show y'all another way to wear that white button up.

Regarding the title of my blogpost, it is actually the title of a personal finance book I'm reading by Nicole Lapin. It's a very good book! It's written in a conversational manner so it's extremely easy to grasp financial concepts quickly and not get bored. I mean I took Accounting (financial, cost, and tax), Finance, Business Statistics, and Economics (micro and macro) at my University but I forgot most things and this book introduced me to things I didn't learn in school or have slipped my mind. It was an instant great refresher on compound interest and among other things one needs to know.

I'm on page 260 out of like 306 I think so I'm getting close to the end! I have learned a lot. I may re-read it actually to get the facts into my head more. I highly recommend this book!

Alright I will see you next time!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Red Slippers: TopShop Kingdom Flats in Red

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I finally got my hands on the TopShop Kingdom Flats in Red!

They're so beautiful in person. I haven't worn them out yet though. Just tried them on and they fit perfectly. I'll have to wear them out to test comfort levels but as far as style goes, they look amazing! 

I'm unsure whether there's still any left online but I got it from for $95, which to me is ridiculously expensive for shoes but I wanted to treat myself for working so hard last month with face painting non-stop.

These shoes are inspired by the Aquazzura flats that everyone's talking about and wearing. But, alas, I do not have the money for $600 pair of shoes so these inspired ones will do! Plus I like the bright red suede anyway versus going for the usual black.

I ordered one size up and it worked out well! Normally I'm a 6.5 but these are 7.5 and fit nicely.

I will see you guys soon! 

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

White Button Up Series | Episode 1: Prada Plaid

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Outfit Breakdown:

White Button Up: Target ($10 sale)
Skirt: Prada (gift)
Belt: Unknown (gift)
Heels: Forever 21 ($20)
Necklace: TJ Maxx (20)
Watch: Burberry (gift)
Nails: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nails in Tidal Wave ($8)

So I'm doing a series called The White Button Up Series where I do outfits featuring this affordable Target white button up in different styles. I wanted to give ideas to you guys on how to wear a classic white button up.

I personally like a looser fitted white button up that isn't TOO too loose, and MUST have front pockets. When I found this for $10 on sale at Target, I had to get it! Such a great price for something I've been looking for.

I took these pictures outside of Barnes & Nobles. The plaza was pretty empty since it's Sunday and most people are at Church and stores aren't open yet, so this was my perfect opportunity to take pictures without interruptions!

Alright I'll see you next time!

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