Friday, March 25, 2016

Back to the Bakery

Hi all!

I went back to Edgar's Bakery to take pictures of me in my new Anthropologie dress!
I also bought some Challah and Chocolate Babka. The Challah was rather dry but the Babka is awesome. Probably will skip out on Challah next time and select something else.

But I present to you my beloved Anthroplogie Allusione Sheath dress!

 photo DSC00825cc_zpshvvuynod.jpg

 photo DSC00826cc_zps3oo3ogjt.jpg

 photo DSC00838cc_zpsbgmcsngl.jpg

 photo DSC00857cc_zpsls5edxzm.jpg

 photo DSC00877c_zpsis6ch68w.jpg

 photo DSC00889cc_zpscfj6bupb.jpg

 photo DSC00891cc_zpswwzi8r6x.jpg

 photo DSC00892cc_zps6kdvg3oi.jpg

Dress: Anthropologie--Byron Lars Allusione Sheath Dress ($230 sale)
Shoes: Louise et Cie Hermosah in Black ($35 eBay; $117 new Nordstrom)
Headband: Francesca's ($7 from BOGO50%)

That's all!

See y'all later!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Canterbury Clothiers and Lunch at Edgar's Bakery [Tuscaloosa, Alabama]

A friend recommended to eat at Edgar's Bakery in Tuscaloosa/Northport, and my boyfriend and I were pleasantly surprised that the price point was great and the quality of food was pretty good too. Dessert choices and taste were awesome.

 photo DSC00800cc_zps3ralmpay.jpg

 photo DSC00802cc_zpspbomztci.jpg

 photo DSC00799cc_zpsogfgvziw.jpg

 photo DSC00798cc_zps5msaklga.jpg

 photo DSC00805cc_zpsijhcohl4.jpg

 photo DSC00806cc_zpstezykbja.jpg

So that's what the store looks like! Very cute and pretty.

I ordered the Pesto Chicken Sandwich which was delicious.

We got desserts after. We felt like getting something "normal" so my boyfriend got a simple slice of yellow cake with icing and I got myself a dense and delicious brownie.

Oh and that's a new gold feather bracelet I got recently from Francesca's for $7 (there was a BOGO50% off)


I walked into Canterbury Clothiers boutique nearby in that same plaza and I was pleasantly surprised to find brands like Theory, Rag & Bone, Derek Lam, Elizabeth & James, etc. Keep in mind that Tuscaloosa's shopping scene is severely lacking, especially with me coming from Houston where good shopping and great deals are everywhere.

There was even a nice sale rack of 50-75% off. I found a nice white button down dress by Derek Lam but it had a stain on it and I felt like the $200 sale price is steep for something with a stain. Of course that's why it was on sale in the first place, but still. If it was $100 I'd buy it to be honest. It looked rather original with how the bottom pleats were arranged to make a simple white button down more unique. Basically I wanted to buy the whole store.

Needless to say I will return to this store!

What's amazing is that they had a men's section that was just as big and just as amazing as the women's section. They carried Paige denim jeans for men as well. Many different shoes for men's which is unheard of at a boutique. So many Sports Coats in all patterns and colors were available. This store is incredible.  


So that's my day! Today was quite good and now I have a new lunch spot to frequent and a store to check out. Exciting!

See y'all later!

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Let's Take It Inside

Hello y'all!

I finally have a chance to take some pictures of my outfit, but I had to take it inside my apartment versus doing it outside next to pretty flowers or whatever.

My boyfriend is unable to take pictures of me since he's asleep so I took my tripod to do this indoors, hence the title.

How is everybody doing?

 photo DSC00785cc_zpsdzculs9f.jpg

 photo DSC00772cc_zpszstn1utp.jpg

 photo DSC00769cc_zpsuslujp1l.jpg

 photo DSC00784cc_zpsleuezc28.jpg

 photo DSC00780cc_zps2r37rgpo.jpg

 photo DSC00778cc_zpsmb2bp6yw.jpg

Top: Unknown (10 years old!)
Kimono: Forever 21 (3/23/16 Small only in stock) $28
Shorts: H&M (old)
Shoes: Louise et Cie Hermosah in Black (Nordstrom) $117; purchased used for $35 eBay
Headband: Francesca's Boutique $9

Hopefully I can take some more outfit pictures, but it might just have to be indoors unless I can get my boyfriend to do the pictures.

See y'all later!

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