Monday, March 30, 2015

Houston Galleria/Transco Tower Waterwall Photoshoot

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Dress: Actually a skirt pulled up. Borrowed from sister
Belt: New York City Chinatown local shop $10
Heels: Nina $16 found at Ross

These photos were taken by a friend in July 2011, so they are old pictures but I wanted to share them with you anyway. This is one of my favorite places to be in Houston: The Houston Galleria Waterwall. Tons of people get their wedding, prom, homecoming, and other occasions pictures taken here. Also my dad used to work in that Transco Tower blue/glass building years ago. 

I'm hoping to visit Houston sometime soon. The food scene and shopping scene in Houston is spectacular. 

Alright I will see you in my next post!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Simple and Clean

 photo IMG_9038_zpssb4zyika.jpg

 photo IMG_9040_zpsks8mbzus.jpg

 photo IMG_9041_zpsjwcve9be.jpg

 photo IMG_9042_zps9eykeagj.jpg

 photo IMG_9020_zpsxu61lf6e.jpg

White Button Down Shirt: Target $15
Shorts: Arden B. $10 sale
Belt: Target $12
Shoes: Nina $16 sale (found at Ross)
Necklace: Given to by my sister

A white button down shirt is always classic and creates a simple and clean yet chic look. You can wear the white button down with so many things. Wear it to the office. Or with boyfriend jeans. With black skinny jeans and pumps. With a vest over it. The possibilities are endless and I plan on creating more looks with this same button down sometime in the future. 

All pictures were shot by me with a 10-second self-timer at the same University of Alabama Campus College of Engineering building that I had in my last post. 

I should've had up close pictures of my necklace and shoes but I forgot to take them. Sorry! When I use those items in another post, I'll be sure to take up close shots so you can see what they really look like--which is absolutely gorgeous.

See you in my next post!

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High Low Floral Dress for Spring/Summer

 photo IMG_8978_zpss3cwsdb9.jpg

 photo IMG_8987_zpsvcyblmct.jpg

 photo IMG_8992_zpsaqy9tfmc.jpg

 photo IMG_6590 edit_zpsh880hprt.jpg

Dress: $30 
Shoes: Target $8 sale
Belt: New York City Chinatown local shop $10
Small Heart Charm Necklace: Etsy $20 (I wear this at all times in every post)

This was shot at the University of Alabama Campus at the College of Engineering. I saw the columns and have an obsession with taking pictures with columns because they make great photos and backgrounds. I bought this dress last year so the website may not have it anymore. My boyfriend took the first two photos and then I set the self-timer for the 3rd photo and the last photo was taken by me by my apartment. This was a difficult shoot since I kind of didn't know what I wanted from the photos in terms of how to pose. But I'm glad a few shots came out good.

The weather has been ridiculous lately where it's humid and hot one day and then freezing the next. Today I might take some more photos but it is a bit chilly outside. 

Alright I will see you in my next post which should be soon since I have some photos that were shot last week and I didn't post it up and I have them ready.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Favorite Affordable Clothing Shops

This list probably will consist of websites and stores you've already been to, but I thought to put them out there anyway in case no one has heard of them. I will talk briefly of the ones I list.

1. H&M / HM.COM
Everybody and their mother has heard of H&M. It is one of the best places to go to get pretty decent quality for affordable prices. Granted some items will run you over $100, but it's because they either used genuine leather or real silk etc. I like that most styles, though not all, aren't cheap looking even though the price tag says it's affordable. I think that although H&M appears to run small at first glance, it really doesn't. It runs close to true to size. Other stores like Old Navy and Gap run quite large. Depending on what size you are, this may be a drawback or may be a plus in your book. I hang on the more petite side so H&M's sizing works for me. Just be aware that if you're a size 2 like I am in Target's jeans size, you'll probably be a size 27 or 6-8 in H&M depending on the style.

2. Zara / ZARA.COM
Zara is a bit pricey for my wallet but it's still affordable enough, especially when they have sales. The quality of their clothes is great and I haven't had anything break that I bought from their store and I bought quite a number of things from them. This is definitely a store to go to if you want a high fashion look without having to fork over $500 for one item. 

They have tons of cute and fashionable items and they usually have sales. The quality of their items is great and their prices range from cheap to expensive, depending what brand, style, and color you choose. But the drawback from this site is that you have to check it often so that you don't miss a good sale on items that look really good. I've seen so many things I want at a great price but my size sells out fast. Gotta keep your eye on this site! They used to do free shipping on any order, but now they require you to spend $40 or greater for free shipping, otherwise it's $4 flat for shipping to the US.

SO many cute things! Honestly I've only ever purchased one thing from them and it was a blue blazer. The quality of it is decent. Similar to Forever21's quality but better in style. Lots of choices and the best part is free shipping on any order. The catch? The free shipping takes like 2 weeks or sometimes a tad longer to get to you.

You get pretty good quality with Urban Outfitters without breaking the bank, but this store is still a little pricey for an affordable range store. But it's not like you're spending $300 on shorts or something. Most shorts seem to run $50-60 and you can often catch something nice in the sale section for a good discount, so long as you catch it at the right time with your size left. Overall Urban Outfitters has a lot of boho chic items along with some regular chic items and you can usually find something you want from here.


What are your favorite places to shop in store and online? There are other places I like but I thought to mention the top 5 on my list.

Let me know in the comments what stores you like!

See you in my next post!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Flashback Friday to Diane Von Furstenberg Helen Dress

 photo 6 watermark_zpsdjx3d2ee.jpg

 photo 4 watermark_zps0umt8vew.jpg

 photo 2 watermark_zpsj9wbpj5l.jpg

 photo 1 watermark_zpsreqg6zv3.jpg

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg $150 sale
Necklace: borrowed from a friend (I have one myself I got from Etsy for $17)
Heels: Forever21 $20

This was when I was back in Katy, TX at La Centerra to do a photoshoot done by my friend from . She mainly does maternity and baby photoshoots but can do other ones as well. I appreciate her patience in dealing with how awkward I was during the photoshoot. You can't tell from these photos but I was super awkward. My face was twitching for no good reason and I just don't know how to pose unless someone tells me exactly what to do. 

I got this dress as part of my birthday shopping spree given to me by my boyfriend in 2014. This dress usually runs around $300 but I got it for $150 new. The fit is great and the blue is more striking in person than in the photos. Although I don't have an exact replica of the necklace I borrowed from my friend here in these pictures, you can find similar ones like I did on Etsy for a decent price. For my shoes, I was pleasantly surprised to find these at Forever21 and also being genuine leather soles, just for $20. I should've gotten the nude heels too in the same style. They had my size too but I felt I spent enough money for the day by getting the black version. I so regret not getting the nude ones too now. 

I normally don't get the chance to buy luxury brands like DVF, but thanks to my boyfriend I got my hands on a few items last summer. 

I will see you in my next post!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday to my Graduation Pictures

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 42_zpseo2ind58.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 70_zps6dqhiwbr.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 44_zps0qwhra6h.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 38_zpsvidu9hzo.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 52_zpsqgnzpocz.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 74_zps40qlnfch.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 76_zpsckgcwb3h.jpg

Dress: Gmarket (unknown seller) $17
Belt: Zara (included from another dress)
Shoes: Nine West $40
Butterfly Earrings: James Avery $35 (1999 Christmas gift)
Purse: Longchamp (Birthday Gift)

Photography Credit: Khanh Nguyen from Khanh Nguyen Photography of Houston, TX
Khanh is an amazing photographer. Please visit his website to look at his other work. If you're in Houston, TX  looking to hire someone for senior/Grad portraits or for your wedding or, really, any occasion, I definitely recommend him! Click his name above to go to his website.

I graduated from the University of Houston in May of 2012 with a Marketing degree. This would mark my first actual "photoshoot" if you will, with a hired photographer.

The dress is one of my favorites. It's super flowy, making it great to capture on camera and I paid such an affordable price for it too. Usually something like this with the quality that this dress has would be at least $50(which is still affordable to most people) but I got it for under $20! I was wearing black peep toe pumps but my feet gave out on me and I opted for my nude flats instead.

Hope you are all doing well and I'll see you in my next post!

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Spring into Spring

 photo IMG_9172_zpsitbrv5la.jpg

 photo IMG_9188_zpsr70nkhiw.jpg

 photo IMG_9168_zpsib6m3fyl.jpg

 photo IMG_9144_zpsrqjc1urq.jpg

 photo IMG_9139_zpschx1qkll.jpg

Kimono Cardigan: Target $27
Plaid Tank Top: Cotton On $10 sale
Shorts: Old Navy $5 sale
Belt: H&M $10
Heels: Vince Camuto $20 sale
Necklaces: Fashion Connection (local store) $8
Anchor Earrings: Etsy $35 (gift)

This look is very Spring even though it's mostly a black & white look. The kimono cardigan has a beautiful floral print, adding that pop of color. My current obsession is the blue stone necklace I recently acquired from a small shop in Centreville, AL called Fashion Connection. I didn't really find any clothes there I liked but as I made my way out the door, that blue stone necklace caught my eye and I had to get it. On top of that it was only $8! Such a good deal. I think the lesson I learned here is to not judge a store by how poorly it may look from the outside. I can find hidden gems like this if I just walk in and have a look.

I will see you in my next post!

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INTRODUCING: Grace Ly of The Other Chic

Welcome to my fashion blog!

This blog is about creating fashionable looks using mostly affordable items without compromising the quality and chicness. Luxury brands will make a couple of appearances but will not be the focus.

I created this blog because most of us don't have a money tree in our wallet but still want to look chic.

I hope I inspire some looks for you through my blog.

Thank you for stopping by!