Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Beginnings


As you can see below, I've busied myself with Autumn leaves! That's all that I made so far. I need to make a lot more actually. But I sure like how they turned out!

 photo Leaves Progress 2_zpsndfeua5k.jpg

Here I am making the print for the pumpkins. I prototyped a baby pumpkin to see how it'd turn out. So far so good!

 photo Pumkin Print_zpsm6pbfkro.jpg

This week has truly been exciting. 

Aside from that, I've been cleaning my new apartment a lot. There's still a lot that needs to be sorted out and thrown away, to be sold, or to be donated. It's a slow and steady process. But I cannot wait to get everything organized and in order! I love to organize things! Also this would provide me room to put up my Fall display once everything is clean. 

Cannot wait for Fall weather. Though I hear this year will be a hot and humid Fall rather than a cool one. We'll see. I just love being able to bust out my cute sweaters and not feeling like I took a shower the moment I step outside for five minutes.

Alright, I shall see you soon!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Making Things Happen. Anthropologie-Style.

Hello everyone!

Lately what I've been up to is creating Anthropologie-inspired displays for my own apartment.

I want to create a Fall and Halloween themed look, where I will have a pumpkin with vines coming out. Then on the vines are leaves attached and flowing out along with some other 3D designs for Halloween/Fall related things.

So far I've made some leaves. I used watercolor paper and painted it with of course watercolor in a Red-Orange-Yellow color scheme with a pop of Green to show that it is the Fall and leaves are changing from green to a beautiful red, without creating the brown that complimentary colors on the color wheel make when touching one another.

On a related note, I did attend a Display Workshop at my local Anthropologie where I was delegated work to make a dandelion out of a styrofoam ball, glue, sand, and spray painted straws. I spent 3 hours on my dandelion, and paid attention to detail since an Anthropologie display is always perfection and professional.

I was incredibly happy to see my dandelion below displayed in their store! The other hard working ladies at the workshop contributed to making the other surrounding flowers you see along with a couple other dandelions.

 photo Dandelion Finished_zpskp8q5kvr.jpg

I was just so in the zone at the workshop! It was therapeutic as well as addicting in helping to create their display. Once they post up their holiday display workshop times, I am going to do everything I can to make it there. 

And you know, doing these crafts is seriously amazing. I have in the past at school done various forms of art, such as working with molding clay (scoring the clay and using water to adhere pieces to one another), painting with acrylic, tempura, and watercolor, print-making, and color pencils using Prisma colors. I also sew by hand and with a machine.

I guess you can say along with fashion, I am totally into arts and crafts.

Here's the Fall leaves I mentioned earlier!

 photo Leaves_zpsouq8ydc1.jpg

 photo Leaves Progress_zpsy0td2yj0.jpg

The last picture is a "behind the scenes" and "in progress" shot. I think a lot of people see the end results of projects and don't quite understand what goes into it. It's a lot of patience. A lot of waiting for paint and glue to dry. A lot of gripping the exacto knife continuously to cut a unique shape out multiple or hundreds of times. Of course there are other time-saving ways to approach this. I really could stack painted papers on top of each other and cut the same shape out multiple times if I were to do this for an actual store display where hundreds of leaves would probably be needed.

Hope y'all enjoyed this different post! I will make more progress posts on my apartment Fall display along the way.

See y'all soon!

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