Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oufit Of The Day: Black on Black

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What I'm Wearing:

Black Hi-Lo Shirt: Ross $8.99 (Brand: Bozzolo)
Black Sleeveless Embellished Coat: Ross $7.99 (Brand: Malloy)
Ear Jacket Earrings: Ross $4.99 (Brand: Orion) (See close up in last post)
Necklace: Fashion Connection $8 (from Centreville, AL)
Black Pleather Leggings: $20 (Brand: Asos Petite) (old)
Heels: Payless Shoes $17 (old)

I really like that mesh that goes around the bottom of the Hi-Lo Shirt. It adds some slight texture and interest to a regular black Hi-Lo shirt. And I cannot believe I found that Embellished Sleeveless Coat for $7.99! I know it's a no-name brand but I don't care. It looks great! The material isn't cheap feeling either. It's thick and has some weight to it. It also has some shoulder pads to add some structure to the shoulders. I'm loving my new earrings too. Been looking for ear jackets for some time now but they're usually expensive. I have my eye on one from a certain website but man paying over $20 for a pair of earrings that's fashion jewelry is to me expensive. So for now, this fits the bill.

So all in all I got 3 items for roughly $24 (including tax). Not bad!

I wore this outfit out for lunch at Panera Bread with my boyfriend. Pictures of me are courtesy of my boyfriend taking time out of his busy schedule. I directed him how I wanted the pictures to turn out and I must say the first shot I posted in this blogpost is my favorite one by him!

Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in my next post!
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