Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday to my Graduation Pictures

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 photo Gracie Senior 2012 70_zps6dqhiwbr.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 44_zps0qwhra6h.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 38_zpsvidu9hzo.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 52_zpsqgnzpocz.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 74_zps40qlnfch.jpg

 photo Gracie Senior 2012 76_zpsckgcwb3h.jpg

Dress: Gmarket (unknown seller) $17
Belt: Zara (included from another dress)
Shoes: Nine West $40
Butterfly Earrings: James Avery $35 (1999 Christmas gift)
Purse: Longchamp (Birthday Gift)

Photography Credit: Khanh Nguyen from Khanh Nguyen Photography of Houston, TX
Khanh is an amazing photographer. Please visit his website to look at his other work. If you're in Houston, TX  looking to hire someone for senior/Grad portraits or for your wedding or, really, any occasion, I definitely recommend him! Click his name above to go to his website.

I graduated from the University of Houston in May of 2012 with a Marketing degree. This would mark my first actual "photoshoot" if you will, with a hired photographer.

The dress is one of my favorites. It's super flowy, making it great to capture on camera and I paid such an affordable price for it too. Usually something like this with the quality that this dress has would be at least $50(which is still affordable to most people) but I got it for under $20! I was wearing black peep toe pumps but my feet gave out on me and I opted for my nude flats instead.

Hope you are all doing well and I'll see you in my next post!

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