Sunday, March 29, 2015

High Low Floral Dress for Spring/Summer

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Dress: $30 
Shoes: Target $8 sale
Belt: New York City Chinatown local shop $10
Small Heart Charm Necklace: Etsy $20 (I wear this at all times in every post)

This was shot at the University of Alabama Campus at the College of Engineering. I saw the columns and have an obsession with taking pictures with columns because they make great photos and backgrounds. I bought this dress last year so the website may not have it anymore. My boyfriend took the first two photos and then I set the self-timer for the 3rd photo and the last photo was taken by me by my apartment. This was a difficult shoot since I kind of didn't know what I wanted from the photos in terms of how to pose. But I'm glad a few shots came out good.

The weather has been ridiculous lately where it's humid and hot one day and then freezing the next. Today I might take some more photos but it is a bit chilly outside. 

Alright I will see you in my next post which should be soon since I have some photos that were shot last week and I didn't post it up and I have them ready.

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