Saturday, March 28, 2015

Favorite Affordable Clothing Shops

This list probably will consist of websites and stores you've already been to, but I thought to put them out there anyway in case no one has heard of them. I will talk briefly of the ones I list.

1. H&M / HM.COM
Everybody and their mother has heard of H&M. It is one of the best places to go to get pretty decent quality for affordable prices. Granted some items will run you over $100, but it's because they either used genuine leather or real silk etc. I like that most styles, though not all, aren't cheap looking even though the price tag says it's affordable. I think that although H&M appears to run small at first glance, it really doesn't. It runs close to true to size. Other stores like Old Navy and Gap run quite large. Depending on what size you are, this may be a drawback or may be a plus in your book. I hang on the more petite side so H&M's sizing works for me. Just be aware that if you're a size 2 like I am in Target's jeans size, you'll probably be a size 27 or 6-8 in H&M depending on the style.

2. Zara / ZARA.COM
Zara is a bit pricey for my wallet but it's still affordable enough, especially when they have sales. The quality of their clothes is great and I haven't had anything break that I bought from their store and I bought quite a number of things from them. This is definitely a store to go to if you want a high fashion look without having to fork over $500 for one item. 

They have tons of cute and fashionable items and they usually have sales. The quality of their items is great and their prices range from cheap to expensive, depending what brand, style, and color you choose. But the drawback from this site is that you have to check it often so that you don't miss a good sale on items that look really good. I've seen so many things I want at a great price but my size sells out fast. Gotta keep your eye on this site! They used to do free shipping on any order, but now they require you to spend $40 or greater for free shipping, otherwise it's $4 flat for shipping to the US.

SO many cute things! Honestly I've only ever purchased one thing from them and it was a blue blazer. The quality of it is decent. Similar to Forever21's quality but better in style. Lots of choices and the best part is free shipping on any order. The catch? The free shipping takes like 2 weeks or sometimes a tad longer to get to you.

You get pretty good quality with Urban Outfitters without breaking the bank, but this store is still a little pricey for an affordable range store. But it's not like you're spending $300 on shorts or something. Most shorts seem to run $50-60 and you can often catch something nice in the sale section for a good discount, so long as you catch it at the right time with your size left. Overall Urban Outfitters has a lot of boho chic items along with some regular chic items and you can usually find something you want from here.


What are your favorite places to shop in store and online? There are other places I like but I thought to mention the top 5 on my list.

Let me know in the comments what stores you like!

See you in my next post!

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